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Palau Conservation Society (PCS)

Palau Conservation Society (PCS)

For over a decade, the Palau Conservation Society has been a leader in conservation of Palauâ's environment. Dedicated to the protection of biodiversity, our natural resources and to our local communities that use those resources, PCS supports the establishment and management of conservation areas, the development of sustainable resource use policies, and an increase of environmental awareness. A Board of Directors provides guidance and leadership to the PCS staff on organizational policies. PCS's successes rely heavily on the support and involvement of its members and partners.

Overview of Organization

PCS is led by an eleven-member Board of Directors and managed and operated by an Executive Director and staff of fifteen. Our areas of activities include: establishment and management of conservation areas, terrestrial and marine resource management, community-based research, capacity building, and public awareness. PCS's successes in these areas and in promoting sustainable development can be traced to its strong partnerships with local communities. PCS has worked to produce strong and productive relationships with Palauan government agencies and the international scientific and conservation community. Key partners include Palau's National Government, local State Governments, research institutions such as the Palau International Coral Reef Center, and international NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy and Bird Life International. PCS is supported by a membership of about 200 individuals. The numerous partners that support our efforts range from Palau's business community, private citizens, and overseas private and governmental sources.

Mission Statement

"The mission of PCS is “to work with the community to preserve the nation's unique natural environment and perpetuate its conservation ethic for the economic and social benefit of present and future generations of all Palauans and for the enjoyment and education of all."